Top 15 Male & Female Instagram Fashion Influencers of 2021

Top 15 Male & Female Instagram Fashion Influencers of 2021

With the world going digital, customers are now making informed decisions! Have you ever wondered how they get attracted to your clothing brand? The answer is simple – FASHION INFLUENCERS. We all follow celebrities on social media, but people have developed skills and talent to gain followers on social media and affect their purchasing decisions with expanding income streams. 

A fashion influencer endorses products of brands to his/her audience, helping them make an informed and qualitative decision. Huge companies are now spending their money on hiring these influencers on a freelance basis, engaging with a large scale audience and increasing the company’s ROI, + build customer loyalty.  

So without waiting more, let’s scroll through the list of these top 15 Indian fashion influencers on Instagram:

1. Kritika Khurana

With over 1.1M followers on Instagram, this Delhi-based fashion influencer has nailed Indie Fusion looks. She has her own YouTube channel marking 453k subscribers. She is well-known for her antique Jewelry, embroidered bags, and powerhouse of energy. 

2. Aashna Shroff

This Indian beauty has about 869k followers on Instagram! Her secret to charismatic personality lies in sophistication and aesthetics. She is an all-in-one social media fashion influencer, model, and blogger! The owner of the clothing brand, ‘The Snob Journal’, she also has her own YouTube channel with over 1.5 lakh subscribers. 

3. Diipa Büller-Khosla 

Founder of NGO – ‘Post for Change’, this powerful woman has about 1.2M followers! 2 times TEDx speaker, 4 times winner of ‘Influencer of the Year’, she has also inked her name in ‘The Most Influential Indian List’ for over 2 times. Diipa is a well-known face as a fashion influencer of various fashion magazines like Brides, Travel & Leisure India & South-East Asia, and Conde Nast Traveller India. Also representing women of colour, Diipa is on a journey to voice for various causes using the digital world!

4. Masoom Minawala Mehta

Just a month ago, Masoom launched a movement ‘Empowher’ to converse, build, and lead all women-owned businesses and professions. She has 1M followers on Instagram! She is always hustling to support #madeinindia products and the Indian Designers. Over 50.8k subscribers on YouTube, this fashion influencer strongly promotes small Indian fashion designer brands to buy from. Having walked the red carpet of Cannes Film Festival France, she also has her names in brands like Dior, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, and more.

5. Malvika Sitlani

Born in the south, Malvika has about 496k followers on Instagram. She has her own YouTube channel with 690k subscribers at present! Her makeup skills to dressing skills are on point. Malvika has also been a participant in India’s Next Top Model. From walking ramps to getting affiliated with famous makeup brands like Smashbox, this fashion influencer is a classic Indian beauty!

6. Monikh Dale 

With over 223k followers on Instagram, Monikh is a writer and a powerful stylist and fashion influencer. She always makes sure to up the fashion pulse among her readers on (fashion blogger). Curator of fashion wardrobes, she is a strong believer in ‘less is more. 

7. Kavita Donkersley

Also known as @shewearsfashion, Kavita has about 55.9k followers on Instagram (soon to 56k). Get a glimpse into this fashion influencer’s lifestyle at her YouTube channel with 18.4k subscribers, where she shares every basic life hack. 

8. Juhi Godambe

Juhi is a powerful fashion influencer, owning her fashion and luxury brand Arabellaa (founded in 2015). Starting her career at the age of 19 as a stylist, Juhi has 457k followers on Instagram. Juhi has a young, fun-loving, modern, and eccentric heart who believes in remaining true to her personal aesthetic. 

9. Karron S Dhinggra

A lawyer following his passion for grooming men! Karron is also famously known for his blog – The Formal Edit! With over 442k followers on Instagram, this fashion influencer’s lifestyle and grooming tips address major issues like body shaming, fitness, lack of confidence. He has over 470k subscribers on YouTube, and he is not only here to groom but to bring a change among youth!

10. Riaan J. George 

Winning Cosmo’s Best Luxury blogger, Riaan is equally passionate about men’s stylist and is a fashion influencer with 44.3k followers on Instagram. He has also worked for various luxury labels, namely Eat Stay Love, Blackbook India, and more. 

11. Nikhil Kandhari 

With over more than 6 years of experience creating digital content, Nikhil is also a full-time fashion influencer, stylist, and music producer. He has 60.7k followers on Instagram and has his own company named Up your fashion game with his trendy sense on Insta! 

12. Shakti Yadav

The February Boy is an ardent and consistent social media fashion influencer of menswear with 118k followers. His unique selling proposition is storytelling by utilising resources in the best possible way to introduce creative and new concepts content. Become a trendy, creative, and true fashionista with Shakti on Insta! 

13. Akshay Sharma

Ex-stylist of Tommy Hilfiger, Ajio Life, and Myntra Fashion Superstar, Akshay, has 39.7k followers on Instagram. He is an all-time fashion influencer who keeps his audience engaged and insane with new fashion ideas. He is here to shift the mindset from ‘boys cannot use skincare’ to ‘boys can do everything they like’. Follow him & get inspired!

14. Tejeshwar Sandhoo

Based in Delhi, Tejeshwar has 91.5k followers on Instagram! He is a fashion influencer, men’s fashion blogger, lifestyle content creator, and a fitness enthusiast at He strikes a good balance between brand briefs and editorials! He is a strong believer in not endorsing the brands he cannot wear regularly. He’s here to pass on the message of Fashion Inclusivity!

15. Sandeep Rai

Having about 66.2k followers on Instagram, Sandeep stresses belief to be different and authentic. Also known by his Insta name 'basicallymenz', he represents & says, 'I am like the zeal to become the best fashion influencer and the lifestyle content creator!’

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